Happiness Matters :Spirit Animals

Years ago, Native American, believed in one thing and that is the animals have a magical power to communicate with us.  You often see , that we suddenly get comfortable with a particular animal,bird , reptiles it all has a connection with us in some way or the other.
Did you know, Some people will never like you because your spirit irritates their demons. We all have a spirit that connects with either a person or an animal. Yes,did you know ? I felt prompted to write about the significance of the spirit animal, as i saw some patterns.
Let me rekindle your memory,am sure we all remember watching Harry Potter, the famous movie about the magic and wizards. There is a the point in the movie when Hagrid gifts  Harry, an owl as his chosen animal for all his magical forth coming journey’s. Did you know the significance of the owl ?  Well, an owl was his spirit animal as it showed strength and power.
In certain spiritual traditions or cultures, spirit animal refers to a spirit which helps guide or protect a person on a journey and whose characteristics is shared by that person.
In the Native American tradition, spirit animals are an embodied form of a spiritual guide.A few techniques for discovering your spirit animal, it is very simple.One needs to pay attention to your dreams. …Think about your past connections with certain animals. It would be a good idea to journal about the animals that you feel drawn to. ..
The Butterfly, is my spirit animal.I realised it years ago,when I started attracting it., Whether dead or alive I started getting attracted to it.. till I visited the butterfly garden. Wow, I was almost covered. Years ago I got a butterfly tatoo done … So many questioned me about it and why would I do something like that. So here’s it is …
Butterfly : When a butterfly enters your life, it is believed to be one of the most symbolic signs pertaining to transformation and profound change. The Butterfly’s origin and existence goes back to many era’s ago,around the native America, their origin is traced. It beautifully ,symbolizes grace and is afresh breath of change. Butterfly flutters around, which brings  around a change, person attracted to butterflies are restless, very chirpy , they love color.
The Spider – Symbolises the famine power , and patience. It’s time to weave your dreams into reality. It fosters creativity and independence.
The Crow – they are perhaps the oldest living creatures here.they made their first appearance about 17 million years ago during the Miocene Period in Oceania and Australia.This is one of the most smart birds,if you have ever helped a crow the whole community would know. They are smart birds who remembers your kindness. So if they show up in your daily life it can mean a few things. either there’s a message coming or it ‘s a sign to be warned from danger, or they express their gratitude towards something. Since crow is associated with life mysteries and magic, it’s appearance in ones life is never just like that. It also shows up,to warn us against deceiving.. so pause a moment and think if a bird shows up often in your life. What could it mean. There are so many spirit animals and so much it means. Let’s see what the next spirit animal has to say
The Owl, is a symbol of lordess Laksmi in Hinduism and stand for  intellect, wisdom and money. It glides through darkness silently, and is alert and  quick, people attracted to this bird would posses same to similar characteristics.
The cat, is the most talked about, intuitiveness, psychic powers, connect with the past .They are capable of sensing and seeing energies. They are psychic and intuitive. Cats denotes a personality that is very individualistic, you cannot force a cat to do anything.
The Hawk,is a messenger of the god, shows in life to broadened the perspective. Time to elevate, but the journey ahead is lonely.
It’s amazing to learn how each animals, bird has a connection with us and a strong significance to who we are.. The next time any animal, bird makes its reappearance, you now know it’s for a reason.
Hope all of you are taking care of yourself and staying safe.

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