Mysteries about the spider…

I guess little before Diwali, I have been walking with my eyes up on the ceiling and corners more than on the floor.. these eight legged insect seems to be adorning every corner of my home,offlate.. I have been loosing my head on my help, thinking she has been ignoring.

How often we feel that there is something to do with the vaastu of the house when something like this keeps popping up. Being a vaastu consultant even I would like to believe and would ideally be running through the pages of my book, to look for remedies and the hidden meaning.. But honestly, I ignored it thinking it to be a housekeeping lapse and pushing it to the weekend.

The spiritual side of me, is always looking into more meaning,than what it looks like. Something to dive deep into. I would just not settle for something showing up just like that. So to me if something is showing up repeatedly its a sign from the universe that we need to learn some important aspect or grow in certain areas in life.

“ The universe is talking to you, through these animal spirits secretly planted in our homes, to answer our question” The one thing about universe is that it responds, its on to us to see their meaning.

Sometimes,I feel one must look into things little more minutely and try and decipher the meaning, so I decided to sit patiently by the side of the spider weaving its web,sitting and watch it how its trying to pull out strings, making choices of which side to connect first. I said to myself, they take so much effort in making a web,they foster creativity, individuality so much goes in and we look at it as a mess. Sit and observing the spider, I noticed its body is shaped like the number 8, which is also the number of infinite possibilities of creation. A number that works with many, opening up to new opportunities. I realized, if one wants to sit down and observe there’s so much one can realize. Which is what am doing. Spiders bears a message about light,darkness and the delicate balance between the two.

Since ancient times, spiders have been looked at various forms like in the egyptian history spider was scared to goddess, Neith a mother figure. Similarly, in Native America they see spider as a creator and a symbol of the divine feminine aspect.When I started observing a spider, many aspects came to light many things showed up. As the spider signifies a dark side of all of us that we need to come to terms with. Shows effort with lot of patience and its an infinite being who continues to weave patterns of life and living throughout time.

So this spirit animal, that we often shun away saying its adding to the mess may be has an answer to the problems and situation one is facing. Having said so much about the spirit animal, it advises one to make good connections, says patience pays off and suggests we shun our hang ups and show our artistic side.It also starts for wisdom, grace,choices we make.

There’s so much to learn even from a small spider, that’s hanging above our head. There are many ways in universe communicates with us.All we need to do is to listen. So spider’s are there to give a

message, which one must take it as a guidance and clear the space for the universe to guide one with more spirit guides.

In the words of Brigitte Nicole,“ Sometimes,the lessons you learn from the choices you’ve made,put you on the path to the best things that will ever happen to you


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