About Me

“Time spent with pen and paper in silence is indeed healing moments for the soul.”

My journey stared in many stages. I had the zeal to write and most importantly to express. I found peace when I wrote a piece and shared with a few close friends. Some very dear friends have helped me in my writing journey to better it everything..

This is a moment of gratitude when I want to say thank you to Mrs. Nandita Puri for helping me with a wonderful name for the blog , My mentors, Capt.Prasoon Kumar of Allegro Infomedia,  Publishers, Editor,Founder of Planet Powai and Fauji india for their continuous guidance, without whose help this would not have been possible.

My journey is beautifully divided into various chapter’s. Where I share a reflection of either my thoughts or my expression.. With much love grace and gratitude I present to you Sam’s Musing For U…

Well apart from writing ..

Multi Award Winning l Tarot Reader l Vaastu Consultant l Lifecoach l Freelance Writer l Color Healer l Signature & Handwriting Analysis l Angel Guidance l Motivational Speaker l Runs a Woman’s Community- Woman of Substance l Healing lives for 2 decades

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