Angels..divine being … 

So often we ask *Who are Angels ? Their existence have been around since generations and it’s just got better in the recent times.
The word angel is derived from the ancient greek word “Angelos” meaning “messenger”. Angels are the connection between heaven and earth, a spiritual channel between God and Man.
Angels have a mention in all religions, and in all religious books. In Hindus, they are referred as “DevDoot”, in muslims as “Masiah” or “Faristey” and similarly in others. It’s just that globally, these light beings are referred as “Angels”
The angels have no time and space restrictions and can be called up by millions of people at the same time. They will be happy to comfort, guide, motivate, heal, inspire and enlighten you.
The purpose of Angels is to serve the divine will. Working with angels does not mean that you are denying god, religious or spiritual beliefs. Angels are only a help and intercede to God on your behalf and manifest miracles to your life as directed by divine providence. They only help and give messages when you ask them, as they don’t want to interfere against your will.
Angels are winged creatures that can be male or female and exist beyond time such pure consciousness. The specific angelic assistance and blessings will help you to resolve any kind of dilemma i.e. relationship, career, finances, sickness, growth, travel, re-unions and any kind of earthly problems.
Call upon angels with unwavering faith and belief that your worries and responsibilities are already shouldered and taken care of. They inspire, guide, reassure, comfort, counsel, lead you during your difficult times, helping you to resolve difficult task.
Angels are naturally attracted to people who have a higher state of consciousness. Angels feel welcome in the places that are de-cluttered fragrant, have chiming sounds by clocks, mantras, soothing music etc.
One may never see angels in their entire life but their presence is very strong and can be perceived through any of the human senses i.e.  sight, smell, touch, feel and hearing.
Wondering if it’s true or is it an extract from a fairy tale, ok here it goes close your eyes and with your true self in your mind call out your angels … Say,” angels give us a sign ,you can hear me and you are around us” ..then with an unbiased mind be open to seeing their signs …you may either hear your name being whispered but noone around you or see a feather fallen around you …or see a dove.. or A series of numbers like 1111 or 777 or 0303 or something similar… or a random penny..Or a pleasant scent or your eyes falling on a text which answers your questions or many more… It’s an incredible experience…
When I take my angel classes, you truly can feel them connecting with you.. it’s a beautiful world of angels and there are many angels for our different wishes..But archangel Michael is our guardian angel… So next time if you need assistance do call upon the angel .. but be careful,to only ask for help and never wish I’ll for anyone…
Go ahead experience their love,till i fill you with more information and guidance about the angels.
“Angels Live among us ,
Sometimes they hide their wings …
But there is no disguising the peace and hope they bring..”

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