Back to Roots : 9 Astronomy & Astrology

Astronomy and Astrology is an intertwined topic

In my last column,”Navagraha” I touched upon the nine planets and the two shadow planets, Rahu n Ketu. Thereby showcasing their strength and characteristics. In this column, we see how they influence each other.

Astronomy and astrology has been there ever since our mother earth came into being. 21st December, will be an iconic date for the coming 18years. In my numerous write ups, I have expressed 2020 as a tough year, a year where our deeds are being judged and we will receive our dues as per karma. A period of 100 years, is finally changing every moment.

The day has finally arrived, when we shall receive our dues. Let’s once again understand how. So the two planets that’s being visible almost everyday in the south western sky, gets brighter and start glowing brightly as their axis tilts to come close. As per historians, such a great conjunction happens once in 20 years. This is a moment of great transformation.

Saturn, is the son of the mighty Sun, usually known as a karma keeper. The planet gives us our dues as per the karma we have perfomed over the years. It’s a moment of pause, when we reflect back on our deeds. If we have hurt people, offended them or been mean in anyway.Any act of inflicting pain on others will attract karmic closures. If you prayed to the almighty for your justice, it’s time now the almighty replies

In the years, gone by we have often prayed to God for justice, for an act of injustice, sacrifices made in silence and suffrered silently. It’s time to collect dues.

While Jupiter,is the mighty big planet of the solar system. It’s the planet of wealth and knowledge. They bestow one with abundance and happiness. With this big conjunction, big big change will he seen in our lives subtly. It’s time to hold on. On this day,it would be nice to meditate and keep a low key.

And suddenly you know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginning.

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