Back to Roots : 11 Yug

Time .. Waits for none,but teaches us timeless lessons..

We are well versed with the fact that when a full cycle is covered the mechanical number rewinds itself, to start a new journey from the number zero. The year 2020 was one such year and it was with a very strong mix of two very powerful digits, 4 and zero. While the number 4 is connected very strongly to the physical world, which means the power of now. The number zero is connected with the new beginning. Just like the zero in tarot is a fool which means an embargo of the new journey.

The year 2020 has witnessed many astrological and planetary new changes.Many unique and significant changes. Like the great conjunction,the planetary parade and the super moon the eclipses everything was very unusual about the year. It’s been a year of being indoors, isolation, and so on and so forth.

Talking about the year 2020 reminds me of the completion of a saadi or a period of 100 years. Major changes are done are seen in our surroundings and in the making of the history.

According to the  Hindu scriptures, all mortal beings are destined to pass through four great epochs in every cycle of creation and destruction. This divine cycle turns one full circle at the end of what is known as Kalpa or yuga. So a kalpa is a yuga cycle which is a period of 10,000 years and is divided into four ages.

Come let’s see under this, how are these years are divided and what do they stand for. So in sanatan dharam, we describe four yugaa or the dharmic age, they are divided into four ages.Namely, Satya Yuga which is a period of 17,28,000 years, Treta Yuga, which is a period of 12,96,000 years , Dvapar Yuga, which is a period of 8,64,000 years and Kal Yuga which is a period of 4,32,000 years.

Each phase has a beautiful meaning, a learning and great transformation. We move from one age to the other, the body ages but the soul is immortal. While, we speak about samay in such detail, we only pay focus to the changing times and the transformation it brings with it.

The beauty of time is that it just passes by teaching us many lessons. The year has been very tough, on all aspects, let’s take away the learning. While we set out to a fresh new start.

Wishing the readers a very happy and loving 2021. Stay safe and happy. Happy New Year.

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