Are you Ok ? Really !

The Life we all are living today in this fast paced world has robbed us of truly knowing who we are. In the errands we chase, the meetings we run to, the morning rush of the tiffins we pack, we have missed the joy of waking up to enjoy the morning. Miss our morning tea, as it goes through many rounds of heating. What crazy life styles we are leading monday to friday, we are waking up early to chase errands and crash dead by night. Weekends we spend on catching up on sleep and over eating. Years so swiftly flow through our hands.

Wait a moment and look back to see, where is you in this. We might have a thousand friends on a social profile who follow us, but how many do we have to walk by our side ?

People often think depression is sadness, People think depression is crying or being quiet. Depression is when we want to cry and we smile. When we want to howl and we hold back.

Depression is living two lives. we often do everything so perfectly, make everyone laugh, look after our homes, almost do everything perfectly. Do our people really know us, we have many to text but no one to talk to. We have all the friends to go to all the places we want, yet there is a loneliness we can’t fill in. We silently so often go through pain and don’t really show that side. What no one sees is that we silently are suffering from mental health, which is not ok. It’s so amazing how we claim to know someone while we don’t know them at all. Its truly so important to spend time face to face, it’s important to have friends than followers.

Don’t live for the approval of others. Reach out to ask if someone is ok. These liitle gestures can just help someone fight a battle better. How often did you notice, when we are active on social media and when we disappear for a while our friends ask, what happened. But if we post every day, our friends still don’t ask how are you, how often do you reach to a friend to ask how are you doing. ?

The United Nations, every year celebrates 10th October as the global Mental Health Day. It’s purpose is to create awareness, educate its importance, and advocacy against social stigma. It was first celebrated in 1992 at the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health, a global mental healthorganization with members and contacts in more than 150 countries.

The thought came around to create its awareness when millions were seen “silently suffering”.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself, mind,body and soul.

There is only one of you

You are truly once in a life time


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