Back to Roots : 19 Mantras

“Om Gan Ganapatay Namaha”

Hinduism has many small and big spokes around them. Sitting down to understand Hinduism, we need to also spend time to understand that there are many aspects of it.

Mantra,is one such part that contributes to the spirituality part of it. Mantra is a two word understanding, ‘man’ means mind ‘tya’ means to free. So it means that we put together certain set of words that when they are spoken , sang or pronounced together removes negativity and brings around peace.

It has been believed from centuries that when these mantras are repeated together are very powerful. There is a proper way to recite the mantras. One needs to follow.the rituals, have bath in the morning, put thr tilak on your forehead and sit down in penance to worship. It has been believed that since centuries, that when the mantras are chanted with full concentration of the presiding deity we evoke their blessings. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the person chanting the mantra, to chant the words carefully. When the meaning of the mantras are understood, the result is more accurate and one feels that the mantras are working for them. It’s very simple to understand, that all we need is focus and dedication to make our prayers work for us.

It’s interesting to dive deep to understand the different types of mantras we chant and what do they mean. There are three different types or classification of mantras, they are male, female and impotent mantra.

Female mantras end with “sawaha” which means they are used to bring back peace and remove calamity from one’s life.

Male mantras end with ” namaha” which means they are chanted to attract wealth, prosperity and fame.

Impotent mantras end with “futt” they are meant for destruction and are harsh.Mantras, there are after effects of the mantras as well. Hence, it must be done under guidance, else distress follows the doer.

While female and impotent mantras are the best. One must never use the mantras to harm anyone, it eaqually causes destruction and brings unfomidable losses.

Therefore,All mantras must be performed with great devotion and faith, following the various rituals, as they are powerful with strong vibrations.


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