Back to Roots : 16 Importance of Animals in mythology

Mythology has many hidden meanings and folklores. It’s like a treasure hunt,the more we dig into the ocean of knowledge, the more we want to dive into it. I fondly recall, listening to stories of gods and goddesses and their animals. Little did I realise each of them have a meaning. Now that I deal into the science, I realised we all have spirit animal, just like our gods and goddesses.

There is a beautiful stories in mythology how one father has many siblings and how they yet different from each other. In an old legend there is a story that lord Brahma, father of creation had a son called Kashyap ( which is also a gotra ) had many wives and each wife gave bird to a different kind of an animal/ bird .

Surabhi gave birth to animals with hooves like horses, rhinoceroses, deer, giraffe etc.While Tini gave birth to animals that can swim the marine world. Sarama gave birth to animals with paws, like cats and dogs. While Surasa gave birth to different and scary animals. Kadru gave birth to animals that would creep and crawl, like all the Insects and snakes and Vinata gave birth to the animals that fly and filled the sky. How interestingly the animlas came into being.

My curiosity knew no end, when I recently started unfolding their beautiful tales. Sharing it very briefly their significance with the gods.

Owl : is the vahan hindi word for vehicle of lordess Lakshmi defining knowledge and strength. Underlying the core meaning which indicates focus.

Crow is the facilitator or vahan or bird for lord Shani. Who gives us our rewards and punishment. The crow signifies a test through time.

Lion : is the facilitator for Durga, who represents Shakti which means strength.

Snake : has been seen around many gods like Shiva and forms the bed for Lord Vishu. The snakes were seen protecting baby Krishna when his father took him out the jail and was crossing the river. In many tails. The snakes are seen as protector.

Swan : is a calm bird and is the carrier of Saraswati godess of knowledge. Which is why we know knowledge can be attained by being calm. It’s also the vaahan of Brahma, the creator.

Horses: the seven horses is significant to the Sun god. Horses represent loyalty and speed.

Mouse: is the vahan of the lord Ganesha, which signifies that where God is then all problems are small.

Parrot : is a vehicle of kamdeva, so profound and meaningful. Parrots cannot sit at one place for long. So does love and passion. It’s beautiful when they are around and they go away,not knowing will they return.

Each animal and bird has a profound meaning on the Hindu mythology and contribute many significant stories.


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