Back to Roots : 14 Brahma Muhurat

The power of waking up early

Rumi says,”Listen to silence it has so much to say “

The sudden break from the busy schedules, blaring alarms and horns has been quitened. As though nature wanted to sleep a little longer, rest a little more… 

This is the time we need to make the choice, do we sleep or get up to chase our dreams. Sometimes, we forget to hear the inner part of us and we scream  silently, somewhere manifesting that everything would just pause. This is that extra time, with the making of history.

It was just the other day,I was telling my son the importance of waking up early and how i spent most part of my childhood waking up early.
That’s when I thought why not share it with my reader’s.Perhaps this is the perfect time to practice the power of waking up early, as when once life is restored we would hardly have time for anything.

Let’s use the power of, NOW. Memories went back, almost 3 decades ago, summer holidays was approaching it was a nice weather when from the winter chill the weather was warming up. Morning’s and evenings were still not warm enough to my liking. I was excited to spend my weekend with my grandmother, that is when she told me the power of Brahma Muhurat, which I will share with you. She said,”Bhrama Muhurat is the auspicious time that comes every morning 96 mins prior to sunrise to be precise,Or around 4 -430 am every morning. “

This time has a special place in our Vedas Purans and Upnishads as well. This morning time by the modern science ans terminology had been called the creator hour. This is the time when the energy in the universe is at its peak. Maharishi Manu,also has expressed the power of learning or meditation during this time.

What makes it very important is the intensity of energy and the law of attraction. It is very important to keep your thoughts focused on your goal, thereby taking care not to have any negative thoughts or intention against anyone. If the thoughts are aligned, the universe picks up the frequency of your thoughts and manifests it.

Since we stay in the western part of India sunrise happens around 6:20- 6:30 am everyday . All we have to do is tune our alarm clocks to 96 mins prior.

In our ancient scriptures it’s very nicely mentioned the importance of the time,often described as ,”kal” or “samay”. There are 4 kals our night is divided into, 6pm to 9pm is called the Rudra Kal, during this time we must not sleep, else our nervous system will be lagard. Therefore it was said, not to sleep post sunset. Then comes the 9pm to 12pm this is called the Rakshas Kal, one must be awake during this time. Therefore, in olden times people finished their dinner and use to sleep by 9pm. 12 midnight to 3am is the gandharv kal,when we are in deep sleep. This is also the time to sleep into dreams,which we often say morning dream.The period of 3am to 6am is called the Manohar Kal.During  this time one must not sleep and leave the bed.

Students must essentially use the Brahma muhurat to enhance their knowledge. Anything subject read well,during this time stats in the mind. The body gets energy and freshness.

During sunrise when the first rays falls on the earth, it creates a strong magnetic field,there by making it a very charged atmosphere. Can you imagine ,every morning you have the power to enhance your life, instead we sleep through it and later seek answer from the universe to enhance our lives.

Which is why Bhrahma Muhurat is very important, especially in times like today. It’s important to maintain the equilibrium of your mind body and soul.

This gives us the power of a quieter environment, enhanced energy,and a calmer mind.

“Silence isn’t empty,it’s full of answers”.It’s time we tune in ourselves, to let silence answer what we often deny.

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