Back to Roots : 6 Sindoor

The red powder is sacred to Indian Marriages

Our purans has so much to teach us. Sometimes I wonder, why are our schools not teaching the rich knowledge of our purans,vedas and upnishads. Infact, if our kids learn from puras and the old scriptures our children will be able to make the most of their talent and skills. Hindu Mythology and its traditions have many small and pearls of wisdom. What seems to be normal, is not just like that, there is always a reason behind it.

We have grown up seeing married woman’s forehead adorned with a red powder or vermilion red – orange tint.  The sindoor is made of a mixture of turmeric, alum,or lime alongwith mercury. This is applied on parted hair parting on the forehead. Or as a tikka on the third eye, or between the brows. By now,am sure you have understood the importance of sindoor.

Each ingredient has a specific relevance.Lets zoom in to understand it better. The main ingredient of sindoor is the mercury,which reduces stress and stimulates sexual desires. The lime is to keep away any kind of hair pests. While turmeric was an antiseptic. In the yester years,woman did all the work in the house and raised kids and please their husbands,it is then the true meaning of mercury is enhanced. It relieves one from stress,and calms the nervous system. There were many traditional believe system established on celebrating the sindoor. One such is Sindoor -Khela in west bengal.

This tradition of 5000 years old,still holds a very significant place in our lives. When we dive deep into the history, we realise it has been prevalent since Harappan civilization. Historians have proved, that female fingurine excavated in Baluchistan,also had traces of sindoor. So it is clear that, that sindoor was used.

The red powder that adorns the forehead of every hindu lady. Going by the Hindu Epics, we have learnt and realised that Radha who was the companion of Shri Krishna also had it on her forehead. Sita wore it for Rama. Maa Parvati also applied and preached the woman folk of the importance of sindoor.

A pinch of red orange vermilion tint,gave penance and peace in the society to married woman.

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