Back to Roots : 13 Shani

It’s very intriguing to go through, our old scriptures and legends. There is so much knowledge in them and more than knowledge what truly intrigues me is the reason behind everything.It is the seventh planet. Turning the pages of the “Skanda Purana”, I stumble upon a beautiful legend and story about lord shani dev. Apart from Saturday getting it’s name how many of us truly have dived down about each and every detail about lord Shani. He’s the son of Surya Dev, who got married to Sandhya (daughter of King Daksh) and had three children- Vaishwat Manu, Yam & Yamuna. Sandhya being a loving and dutiful wife however could not bear the glare of Surya dev and finally decided to leave for her parent’s home.

In the meantime, she created a mirror image of herself and named her Chhaya, in order to look after the Surya dev and her children, during her absence.
Sandhya asked Chhaya not to reveal the secret and discharge all the marital duties.But Surya dev was uninformed about this and due to his union with Chhaya, Shani Dev was born. She being an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva used to practice deep meditation when shani was in her womb.Due to this tough penance, He was born with a dark complexion. When he was born surya dev came to see his son and was upset on his dark complexion.

When Shani Dev grew he got very angry and didn’t pay respect to his father, on this the surya dev abandoned him.Due to which he felt lot of pain. Later, he was even cursed by his mother for kicking her and he became lame. Once, shani dev was very hungry and he asked his mother for food, she said, food would be served after she offered to the God. On this Shani Dev kicked his mother and she cursed her that his leg would break.

Surya Dev, came to know about this and he appeased Shani dev that although the curse cannot be removed, but instead of breaking his leg, he would have problem in walking and would only limp. So he travels slowly and he is also known as “Manda”- a slow mover. Which is why, Saturn is a very slow-moving planet. It takes about 30 years to travel through all 12 zodiac signs. It is said that planet Saturn is an arbiter of our past deeds.

The planet Saturn is also called the “tough task giver”. It works on the principle of carrot and stick. If the native does good, Saturn will payoff him/her generously. On the other hand, if the native indulges in unrighteous karma, Saturn will punish them accordingly and always looks down away from the sight of the worshipper and due to this, he is also called “Adhodristi”. He wears black clothes and is adorned with gold. Mounted on a black crow, vulture and a chariot dragged by eight horses. He carries a lot of weapons and amongst these, he has a bow and two arrows, a sword, a trident, and also carries an ax like Lord Parshuram.

To seek power and sight adequate to his father, Lord Shani struggled and sacrificed his babyhood and youth too. He did strict austerity to gratify Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva gets impressed by his devotion and intention. Finally, Lord Shiva granted a boon to him that he can only have the right and authority to severe penalties and recompenses. Thus Shani is also known as the god of justice.

Saturn is a contributor of Jobs and Services, Metals, Industries, Age, Poverty, Hardships, Diseases, all kinds of obstacles, and selfishness. As the manifestation of inert matter.

Saturn states our fortune, our health, and our popularity. Which is in Vedic astrology, anyone born under Shani’s influence is feared to possess bad luck or has pain in his leg. To lighten the negative hurdles, Shani Dev is often worshiped to keep away misfortune, adversity, and evil. However, Shani is often misinterpreted.

Saturn is the stock keeper of our Karmas

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