How would Aura & Space Cleansing help you..‪

Off late alternative remedies of healing has become the next ‘in thing’. Everyone is talking about it, as it seems to be the need of the hour now. Our modern living is good to be in but it brings a fair amount of stress. We’ve often heard and even personally witnessed it that some people make you feel good by just being around. While in someone’s presence there is a negative feeling. This is greatly influenced by the energy in their aura.

“Aura” is therefore made up of various types of energies which manifests itself above and beyond the surface of our skin and surrounds any and all human beings, it is invisible in nature. There are many layers,colours,shapes and patterns of an aura. Happy thoughts expands our aura, while sad or self limiting thoughts contracts the aura. Also changing situation / s moods may affect the aura.

Many have often questioned me about why and how is Aura / Space cleansing important ? It is so because the characteristic of the aura changes according to the mental,physical,spiritual or inner state of a person and forms a vital part of our well being. Every thought we have is turned into energy which then passes through our aura influencing it. If you didn’t know our Aura acts as a mirror to our soul,our spirit  & being of our personality. Everyone is unique in their way & our hidden selves are expressed through our aura. It is our aura that attracts the spirit world and influences relationships and circumstances in our life. Sometimes we suddenly feel uneasy or uncomfortable in the presence of someone , what is it ? Our aura is being bombarded with negativity hence leaving us feeling low n restless. This distorts the aura leaving holes and imbalances our system. Therefore it is essential to maintain harmony in our aura.

Our aura is weakened by poor diet, stress, lack of rest, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, alcohol, drugs, negative habits and deeds and negative thoughts. This is also known as Under active Aura. While, Over active Aura can have health related issues and serious repurcursions like hyper activity, panic attack,emotional imbalance and many type of health issues. It is therefore important to maintain the right equilibrium for a good happy and healthy living.

Based on that it is helpful to remember every time you have a negative thought about someone or a situation that thought will go out and attract more of the same nature and it re bounds  back to you. Our auras are created by us and can be changed by us to attract positive influences in our lives. Frequent submission to negative emotions upset the balance and harmony in the aura which can in turn affect the physical body. There are many ways to break negative patterns either physical or mental, too many to cover here.

Contact me if you would like help in this area. It is good practice to cleanse your aura daily of negative thoughts or influences you may have picked up. Cleansing and Sealing the Aura ,Aura Cleansing is an activity which is good to perform daily. I do this in the shower in the morning as the water flows over me, with sea salt but it can be done anywhere. This is the simplest way and makes you feel good. So every time you feel low, you can have a sea salt bath. It seals your aura temporarily leaving you feeling good..  It can be strengthen with regular Aura cleansing, which takes just 45mins to do.

Similar to Aura Cleansing, which deals with clearing of negativity from all living beings, Space Cleansing, is something similar in nature which deals with elimination or removing of negative energy we have stored around us, our homes, offices etc.

The act of Space Cleansing involves in getting rid of negative & harmful energies around us and our surroundings,which are called blockages. When any negativity strikes,our aura gets distorted and repeated cleansing keeps us in balance.

For long term cure,it is better to let the experts guide us.

The image clearly shows the difference,where the first image talks about distorted aura due to various factors. While the other one is a complete charged aura,leaving the person feeling happy and expanding the periphery of the aura.

Aura / Space Cleansing is both an art and a Science that can be acquired with practice and patience. The class takes a day’s time and within this you will be able to both learn how to  clean your / others aura and can clear your space – house / office of any negativity.


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